How to Persist? Encourage Others


One of my tried and tested methods of busting out of really tough days is by deliberately encouraging a friend.

If I am not careful, less-than-ideal days trigger a plunge into unproductive introspection that focuses too much on self than improving the situation.

Before I know it, what could otherwise have been a healthy reflection at day’s end turns into anything but helpful.

Encouraging others in these situations helps here.

There’s something about intentionally looking beyond yourself, and instead looking towards the needs of others that is refreshing.

Three reasons:

1. It’s a more productive use of energy.

There are times when certain difficulties are just simply beyond our control, and fretting over them will only be a waste of energy.
In those times, channelling that energy instead towards helping and encouraging others is a wiser way of using of it.

2. It helps you gain momentum.

Sometimes, the energy you use to write up a word of encouragement, or help a friend think through their own difficulties can stimulate the creativity you need for your own situation. Win-win.

3. It helps others. Period.

Some people just need the right boost and support so they can take the next steps towards their breakthrough. Wouldn’t you want to be the person who gives that to a friend in need? Besides, who knows, you might need the same boost from them one day too.

When we’re stuck, sometimes encouraging others is the best thing to do. It takes your blinders off, forces you to look towards others’ needs, and helps you build a network of people who can count on you—and whom you can later on count on too.

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