Who I Love, and Love to Spend the Quiet With

I’m composing this as my wife lays in the next room peacefully asleep with our son.

Today seems like a typical Saturday. Breakfast at home, a few errands in the morning, a day out together, podcasts on the road, cuddles in bed, and quick naps in the afternoon.

Except it isn’t a typical Saturday: first, today is a Monday, and second, it’s Krisha’s birthday.

I think about how differently we could be celebrating today. Perhaps a big party, loud surprise, expensive jewelry, and Instagram-worthy wine-and-cheese pairings.

But despite the absence of “big things” that typically accompany huge birthday celebrations, we are happy. In the quietness, we are happy.

Not that my wife wouldn’t have appreciated a big celebration, a vacation at the beach, or a trip outside the country. But I wouldn’t have today any other way. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

I took a day off at work—as I have for all her birthdays since we’ve been together. And my surprise is simply just that: a quiet day to spend time together as a family.

And I’m finding that in the midst of the busyness of everyday life these days, just being with the right person for a day of rest is many times enough to make a man feel wealthy, even without the world’s riches.

To Krisha:
I don’t know how you do it. You are a real wonder woman. Last night, you were on your knees cutting rolls of fabric, folding sheets, and planning deliveries for clients and suppliers—on a Sunday. And you manage to do all this work in your second trimester while gracefully raising Malaya at home. (He got his smarts and good looks from you, I’m sure now).

I love you. And I can’t articulate well enough how grateful I am to have the honor and privilege of marrying you, to serve you, and serve others with you.

I treasure moments like this, and other pockets of quiet in other days, like sitting together while we each silently pore over a book on hand.

Happy birthday, my darling. You are my vacation at sea, my portable peace and quiet, and a constant reminder that God truly is gracious, for I know of nothing I have done (or could ever do) to ever deserve you. I love you.



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