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Dear Harana

Dear Harana, It’s hard to believe you’re already a year old. You bring a great amount of joy to me, your mom, your brother, and not to mention to your grandparents who have long been wanting to have a girl in a household of boys, toy trucks, Nerf guns, swords, and action figures. Like your mom, you are beautiful, a little more spunky and strong-willed, but nonetheless sweet and adorable. As you celebrate your birthday,

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Here’s an Idea: Stop Glorifying Startups

The other week, I wrote briefly about why one specific type of job is not necessarily more important than another. Let me follow through with a related observation and say I really don’t like the over-glorification surrounding startups today, particularly technology startups. Being part of a small team, working with less bureaucracies, and pursuing a big mission are certainly great things usually associated with the startup scene. But startup work is not the only work

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Blitz Chess and Life’s Surprises

As we get into the second week of February and dive into the rest of the year ahead, I can’t help but take one more look at the previous year. As I think about it now, 2018 was a year of many transitions for me at work and in my personal life (I oftentimes can’t distinguish between the two now): we gave birth to Harana, I transitioned to different roles within Bridge, and have had

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In Defense of the Desk Job

“I don’t want a desk job,” is one of the most common things you’ll hear today. There’s nothing essentially wrong with that. Some people just like to do work that allows them to go around and be on the field, and they’re more effective doing just that. What’s wrong is when what is meant by that is any of these two things: The first is this: “I don’t like a desk job because desk jobs

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Take Care of the Stuff That Help You Do More

As we were readying to leave the house yesterday, Malaya picked up a paintbrush which he intended to bring to my parents house. He wanted to paint there he said as he’s recently taken a liking for the art. But as he was putting on his slippers preparing to head out, he couldn’t help but poke the soles with his paintbrush, experimenting what other things he could do with the stick in his hand. I

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Write Your Own Stuff

Saw this Tweet today from Jared Wilson and couldn’t agree more. 1) How did "Influencer" become a job title?2) Write your own stuff3) Popularity does not frequently entail originality, quality, & integrity.4) Write your own stuff5) Also: write. your. own. stuff — Jared C. Wilson (@jaredcwilson) February 1, 2019 For some context, you’ll see that it was a response to a Tweet linking to recent news on another influencer facing accusations of plagiarism. These

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