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Light Theories Part 1

Light Theories Part 1 I love Shel Silverstein; I love his poems. I love how he knocks sense into you using poetry written in a book that’s found at the Children section. Everytime I’ve raced my shadow When the sun was at my back, It always ran ahead of me. But every time I’ve raced my shadow When my face was toward the sun, I won. – Shel Silverstein (Shadow Race) Awhile ago, while I was walking

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The Holiday Post

Gift-giving is a huge thing in our family, in general. Whether that’s for Christmas, for someone’s birthday, or my parents’ anniversary, giving gifts (plus the surprise that should go with it) is always a matter of  importance. So much that even when some people  don’t have the means to do just that yet (people, as in the non-working members in the family), we find ways. For instance, my dad asked me and my brother a

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