Rest, Reflect, and Recalibrate on Weekends

I’m writing this as I wait for my last meeting of the day.

There’s a lot going on at work, including a number of exciting stuff. But with all that comes a flurry of projects and activities that can fill up one’s week in no time.

It’s days like this that I (need to) remind myself that a packed schedule does not necessarily mean it’s a productive one. It’s easy to mistake busyness for progress.

What I like about approaching weekends (and in this case, a long one because of the upcoming holiday) is it gives you the opportunity not just to rest, but also assess the week that was, and recalibrate one’s focus for the week to come.

I anticipate to have more days like this one in the coming months. And I find that it’s exactly in seasons like this that one needs to allocate more time for pause and reflection.

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