Dear Harana

Dear Harana,

It’s hard to believe you’re already a year old.

You bring a great amount of joy to me, your mom, your brother, and not to mention to your grandparents who have long been wanting to have a girl in a household of boys, toy trucks, Nerf guns, swords, and action figures.

Like your mom, you are beautiful, a little more spunky and strong-willed, but nonetheless sweet and adorable.

As you celebrate your birthday, here are three things I am praying for you:

You will be fearless.

You and your brother currently love the soundtrack from Tarzan. And there’s a line in one of the songs there that reminds me of you: “For one so small, you seem so strong. My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm.”

You certainly have a kind of strength and fearlessness about you. As you grow, so will your faith and courage amid difficult, impossible, and hopeless situations. The days will come when you and others around you will need it.

You will be wise.

Your fearlessness will be matched with wisdom. Not swayed by common thinking, the ways of the world, or the impulse of emotions, your choices will be marked by wisdom and life, just like your second name.

You will be loved.

It’s not like you aren’t already loved. But in your life, you will grow to taste and see abundant, life-giving, unconditional Love that neither your mom and I will ever be able to match. And with this, you will grow up to be a woman whose beauty rests deep inside, and outflows to others in grace and compassion.

We love you, our darling serenade.

Also, no boyfriends ’til you’re… thirty?



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