Take Care of the Stuff That Help You Do More

As we were readying to leave the house yesterday, Malaya picked up a paintbrush which he intended to bring to my parents house. He wanted to paint there he said as he’s recently taken a liking for the art.

But as he was putting on his slippers preparing to head out, he couldn’t help but poke the soles with his paintbrush, experimenting what other things he could do with the stick in his hand.

I was slightly annoyed. I like to take good care of my own paintbrushes. But as with most three-year olds, I suppose, imagination and curiosity can hit in an instant. A stick, no matter its intended use, could be a lightsaber, a flashlight, and a drumstick all in one.

“Be careful. Don’t use the paintbrush like that. It’s not meant for that,” I said. “You don’t want it to break or get dirty. Or else you won’t be able to use it anymore. Take care of the stuff that help you do more.”

We all have moments when we’re calling out someone else then suddenly realize we should heed our own advice.

This was one of those moments.

It wasn’t even a few seconds after I said that last sentence when I heard a voice in my head saying, “Well look who’s talking. Remember how you’ve been neglecting sleep and eating properly recently?”

Take care of the stuff that help you do more.

I don’t even know why I said it, considering I was referring to a paintbrush. But the thought stuck with me throughout the day. Seems I needed it more than my three-year old.

Each of us have different stuff that help us do more with what we have: from things like gadgets, apps, and equipment; to less obvious others like a team, household help, a fit body, or a clear mind. Whatever it is for you, we will all do best not to neglect them.

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