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Find Your Quiet

This year has been anything but quiet. 2021 saw a number of different transitions for me at work and in my personal life (I often don’t distinguish between the two now). I juggled roles within Bridge, started Workbase, and have had to work through cycles of sickness for a good chunk of the year. Managing all the changes that went into that and everything else in between was certainly not without its own set of

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Reimagine Work

I don’t think I will ever tire of answering this question, as it often leads to deeper conversations about work

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The 15 Best Books I Read in 2019

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.“ -Charlie “Tremendous” Jones We don’t always have the time to read as much as we’d like, so it’s really important to use your reading time on books of great value. Here are a few recommendations if you’re building your reading list for this year. I picked out my favorites similar to

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Grow My Love for Thee

The local church I attend holds an annual prayer and fasting time at the start of each year. Today is Day Two of the usual five-day period. Honestly, I don’t have a hard time fasting. I typically eat one meal a day during the workweek as it is. I do have a hard time praying though. Unlike my wife, I typically pray short prayers, and more often I fall into the temptation of putting a

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On Pushing Yourself

I started running again a month ago as the importance of taking care of my body began to weigh more heavily on me. I intend to see my kids’ kids, take care of my wife and family for a long time, and do meaningful work for as long as I can. I can’t do that without eating the right stuff, and yes, doing more physical activity deliberately. And while running isn’t my favorite thing to do,

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A blender of thoughts, questions, ideas in my head Fueled by conversations, and books I have read Principles, frameworks, philosophy, and faith, But who to talk about it with? Everybody’s still in bed Of making many books, there truly is no end So it is as the Philosopher said I’d go back to sleep, but my mind is awake So meantime let me try to write about it instead.

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