The Boy Who Refused The King’s Armor

What they saw was a boy with pebbles and a slingshot
Some muttered under their breath, “He doesn’t have a shot”

—That’s okay, if he loses, we’ll just say it doesn’t count”

What they missed was underneath, quiet confidence and trust
“I’ve faced lions before, and I can do what I must”

—He’s been delivered before, and he’ll be again, no doubt

When you face your own giants, don’t fret and lose heart
Yesterday’s challenge is a gift, for strength today to start

Worry not that royal armor can’t fit your tiny frame
Other soldiers might mock you, funny they all look the same:

—critics with no claims to fame

What’s in your hand and heart? Take it, and to the battle go
Don’t mind the cowards who have no battle scars to show

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