One Piece

Why do I long for things unseen Drawn to horizons beyond the sea Where peril or ease are yet unknown Far from comfort, far from home Is it ambition or foolish pride Perhaps a hunger unsatisfied Difficult? Surely. Regardless I go Off to quests; I’m forced to grow So l’m outside of my league again …

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Find Your Quiet

This year has been anything but quiet. 2021 saw a number of different transitions for me at work and in my personal life (I often don’t distinguish between the two now). I juggled roles within Bridge, started Workbase, and have had to work through cycles of sickness for a good chunk of the year. Managing …

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A blender of thoughts, questions, ideas in my head Fueled by conversations, and books I have read Principles, frameworks, philosophy, and faith, But who to talk about it with? Everybody’s still in bed Of making many books, there truly is no end So it is as the Philosopher said I’d go back to sleep, but …

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