On Pushing Yourself

I started running again a month ago as the importance of taking care of my body began to weigh more heavily on me.

I intend to see my kids’ kids, take care of my wife and family for a long time, and do meaningful work for as long as I can. I can’t do that without eating the right stuff, and yes, doing more physical activity deliberately.

And while running isn’t my favorite thing to do, it was a good place to start from especially since it doesn’t require any special gear, a companion nor competition, and hardly costs me anything to do, except mostly time.

As you run, one of the lessons you learn early is that a good run is not always a fast or a hard run. 

Some runs you run deliberately at a moderate pace so that you can keep doing it day after day ‘til you get better. There are days when a run can feel like total punishment on your body, but most days don’t have to be like that.

Every run has a purpose, and for some runs (like recovery runs), the goal can be as simple as to keep the habit, or to have fun—not to break a personal record, or cover a long distance.

It’s a lesson I’m learning to apply in other areas: you can push your limits and respect them at the same time. This way, you can keep going without burning out.

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