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Stay With Your Problems a Little Longer

As I put more time on the blog and aim to write two to three posts a week—an audacious goal considering I only published a single post last year—, I am forced to revisit my pile of unfinished drafts and incomplete reflections. Looking at each one, I notice that many of them could have been finished if I had only spent a little more time on them, developing ideas and completing my thoughts. I realize

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Hi Malaya. You’re Three!

Hi Malaya, Last week, you turned three years old. Can you believe it? When I think about that, I realize how fast time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when you said your first words and took your first steps (yes, you talked before you walked). Now look at the energy ball you’ve morphed into. I have a number of wishes and prayers for you. But let me list those another time. Instead,

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Kickin’ it Old School with a Blog

I’ve been away from Facebook Mobile and Instagram since the year started, and I must say that I’m really liking it a lot. It’s not like I’ve quit these apps cold turkey; I’ve just decided that I don’t want them to be with me (on my phone) everywhere I go. And contrary to my initial expectations since starting this, I’ve found very little pressure to be reachable (friends who need to reach me know how

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The 15 Best Books I Read in 2018

I know that many of us don’t always have the time to read as much as we’d like, so it matters to pick the right book when we do find time to read. Here are a few recommendations if you’re building your reading list for 2019. I really enjoyed most of the books I read this year which is why it was difficult to narrow it down to the list below. So to pick out

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